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Your holistic coach

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a calling to help others. I am an intuitive person and have always been drawn to the power of healing energy, so I found a natural affinity with the field of healing arts and the transformation of consciousness.



After receiving a BA in Occupational Therapy in 2003 and having a brief career as a child therapist in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, my inner calling quickly led me to pursue the healing arts and passionately immerse myself in my spiritual awakening. It began with the study of alternative practitioners for psychotherapy, holistic and alternative healing, which I completed in 2014. About 10 years ago I found myself at a crossroads in search of deeper meaning, higher purpose and personal healing, and received a whole new direction through a spontaneous and dramatic light and energy healing session that catalyzed complete transformation and spiritual awakening .

This quantum healing, carried out by Beverly Nation (USA), profoundly supported my healing path. This divine manuscript, "the Energy Transfer Reset", changed my life forever. It is more than a quantum healing, it is for the enlightenment of humanity and the awakening of all lightworkers. We received the healing modality from the Arcturians.



Since then, I have lived in the light of this wondrous, ongoing experience and have expanded the gift of this profound universal teaching and joyful self-realization and deep peace. It is now time on our beloved, shared planet to reclaim our birthright of sovereign consciousness and our innate ability to indefinite wellbeing. From the enlightened web of innate, timeless wisdom that we all contain within us, we can regain the feminine dimension of intuition and the deep earth. I offer quantum healing sessions, chakra & aura cleansing, energetic cleansing of houses / rooms.

I want to help you find the answers you are looking for!


My work has since expanded into the realms of multidimensional quantum healing, meditation, and the law of attraction. All modalities together bring immediate, life-changing changes in mind, body and emotional state as well as improved perception and life experience. I have been a certified ETR practitioner since 2018 and have been immersed in intensive training in quantum healing at Beverly Nation for one and a half years, which I now offer personally and remotely via phone and zoom.


My work and ministry today is an alchemical amalgamation of my entire life experience with the intuitive guidance of the present moment that draws from the above modalities and beyond.

“In the sea of love, I melt like Salt.

Faith, Doubt – they both dissolve.
A star is opening in my heart. The worlds turn into it.”



Education and training



  • Bachelor of Health - Occupational Therapist (BCNL-International Degree)

  • certified child, youth and family counselor

  • certified psychological consultant

  • Holistic Healing Practioner for psychotherapy

  • Systemic stress prevention trainer (The Central Testing Center for Prevention-ZPP)

  • Approaches to behavior therapy (according to Jansen & Streit)

  • Attention and Hyperactivity Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Dr. Fritz Jansen - Basic course for behavior therapy with children and adolescents

  • Dr. Fritz Jansen - behavioral therapy with children with social anxiety and insecurity

  • Dr. Fritz Jansen - behavior therapy with children with resistance and power struggles, aggressions, performance disorders and a lack of willingness to exert themselves

  • Concentration training in AD (H) S

  • Video diagnostics / behavior analysis according to Jansen and Streit

  • Help with learning and performance disorders, aggression and a lack of cooperation

  • Diagnostics and therapy for enuresis / encopresis

  • Help with fear and social insecurity in childhood, adolescence and adulthood

  • Social skills training (bullying / bullying / aggression / fear / insecurity)

  • Positive learning with the IntraActPlus concept

  • Parental counceling

  • Nonviolent Communication

  • Client-centered psychotherapy and counseling

  • Conversation according to Rogers

  • Kinesiology

  • Nature therapy and forest bathing

  • Spiritual counseling

  • Energy work

  • Chakras purification

  • Quantum healing for the 5th dimension

Green tea

My philosophy

Body, mind, soul - considered in the search for optimal health and wellbeing.

Navigate your path to better health, expanded awareness, and joy. When chakras become blocked from injury, illness, or separation from others, we are prevented from being our best selves.


In my holistic view, I assume that the whole human being is made up of interdependent parts, and if one part does not work properly, other parts will also be affected. In this way, people can get into imbalances (physical, emotional or spiritual) in their lives, which can have a negative impact on their general health.


I am convinced that everyone has innate healing powers.
The patient is human, not a disease.
I deal with all aspects of a person's life and together we try to fathom and solve the cause of the disease, the imbalance, the crisis.



Only those who are really seriously interested in change and healing and are willing to work on themselves are at the right place.

Your holistic coach



Everyone wants to feel more alive. But most people are also afraid of feeling full "responsibility" for their liveliness. The learned suppression of our feelings and intuition, which curb our vitality through general educational practices, the school system and culture in general, indicate that too many people feel tired, lonely, closed and lethargic. You have lost contact with your life force in your own body.

It's about changing people's lives by helping them understand burn-out, depression, anxiety, trauma, and life crises and naturally and holistically resolve them. It means seeing and supporting you as a person so that you can learn to cope with your daily stress with ease and feel inspired to thrive and bloom again. Sylvia's mission is to support you on your journey by helping you discover your own wholeness and truth and by facilitating the healing of the roots of emotional problems. With compassion and understanding, she will help you discover your authentic self and develop the tools to overcome life's challenges.




Are you ready for a fresh start

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