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Yoga at Home
Yoga at Home


Release ~ Relax ~ Heal

Als Intuitiver Coach ist es mein Ziel, Ihnen dabei zu helfen, sich mit Ihrer Seele auszurichten, und alle hinderlichen Überzeugungen zu lösen, die Sie einschränken.

Sie werden erstaunt sein, wie schnell und tiefgreifend Sie Ihr Leben verändern können. Das Leben soll genossen werden, und ich möchte Ihnen zeigen, wie Sie jeden Moment genießen können. Meine Leidenschaft ist es, meinen Kunden mit Leichtigkeit, Humor, Weisheit und Erfahrung ein Leben in voller Erfüllung und Zufriedenheit zu eröffnen und Selbstheilung zu aktivieren. Sobald Sie Ihren wahren Zweck entdecken, werden Sie jeden Morgen voller Dankbarkeit aufwachen, weil Sie gedeihen, wohlhabend sind und endlich das tun, was Sie lieben.

Es gibt so viel mehr, als wir uns jemals vorgestellt habt. Es ist eine Freude für mich, meine Gaben zu nutzen, um Ihnen zu helfen, sich selbst zu entdecken.

Ich freue mich darauf, mich mit Ihnen zu verbinden!

Multidimensional Quantum Healing

Multidimensional quantum healing sessions are done by phone, zoom, or Skype. Contact me for an appointment.

The Multidimensional Quantum Healing Sessions are designed to:




  • Initiate energetic unlocking / loosening of blockages and stagnant energies,

  • solve negative beliefs based on separation, fear, limitation and lack,

  • can integrate all aspects of your divine self,

  • Be able to experience your experience of wholeness and unity with the loving divine source,

  • learn to connect with your own intuitive leadership and vision,

  • Experience clarity about life issues and the fulfillment of your true purpose,

  • Discover your nature as a being of light,

  • Activate your DNA with high frequency quantum light codes to improve your condition and your whole life,


There are simply no limits to the miracles that are possible when we open ourselves to this path of healing!





How it works:


In quantum physics, any reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, and in quantum healing everything, including humans, is seen as light and information. Light and information are neutral and not good or bad, so we avoid the need to overcome everything, but we break up the current quantum wave (current reality) and open up the field of possibilities to remove old patterns and introduce new information.





The sessions:

What if you could reach your highest vibrational state of peace, love, joy, freedom, and fulfillment within minutes? If you could let go of everything that is limiting or holding you back?


In the quantum realm, science merges with spirituality! I salute you to your freedom and the flow that will fill your life in the most amazing and surprising way. Integrate all aspects of yourself and experience harmonization. This powerful work creates a true shift in consciousness. It is a portal into profound transformation, through an alchemical blend of healing technologies that clears problems, trauma, and unhelpful or limiting patterns on every level, whether physical, mental, emotional, or genetic. These sessions can also catalyze deep forgiveness and release of the past, open intuitive channels of inner guidance, and bring clarity about your present direction and purpose in life.

Each session is unique and very specific to the individual recipient. When we enter this connecting field of infinite possibility through the higher self (or Christ Consciousness), we access the akashic record and connect with healing catalysts such as angels, saints, ascended masters, spirit guides, great frequencies of light and all other helpers who are ready are to serve you. The field is constantly expanding, incorporating new elements and guides as channels are opened and fine-tuned, allowing for even more profound shifts and transformations than ever before. These life changing shifts can be simple and fun, and bring solving issues that have carried you for years or for life. Indeed, there are no limits to the wonders that are possible!








When patterns are broken, a new person is born, you!


Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit Multidimensionale Quantum Heilung & Mindset Coaching Paket

Was Sie entdecken werden

Geheimnis #1

Wie man sich aus den Fesseln tiefer unbewusster Glaubenssätze, Ängste, und inneren Sorgen befreit und lernt, sein wahres Selbst zu befreien

Geheimnis #2

Wie Sie Ihren Geist neu programmieren, um eine größere Fülle in allen Lebensbereichen zu antizipieren und zu erhalten

Geheimnis #3

Wie Sie Ihr Gehirn trainieren, um negative Denkmuster von Stress, Angst, Angst und Überwältigung loszulassen

A tailor-made coaching package especially for you!


I will guide you step by step through a complete transformation and help you to free you from your limitation, to recognize your highest potential and to step into a life of joy, meaning and fulfillment. Let me help you discover the treasure that you are, to recapture them and activate your greatest potential and gifts. Experience fun, freedom and flow in every dimension of your life.



The world needs you NOW to be the LIGHT that you ARE!

Exit from the 3D matrix & ascent into the 4th and 5th dimension.



The coaching and energy healing package is individually tailored so that you can start and / or progress on the next level of your journey of ascent.

These sessions are designed to:

* Energetic shifts / release of blockages to initiate healing in body, mind and soul
* Release negative beliefs based on separation, fear, limitation and lack
* integrate all aspects of your divine self
* Awaken your experience of wholeness and oneness with the loving divine source
* Connect with your own intuitive guidance and vision
* Clarity about life issues and the fulfillment of your true purpose
* realize your nature as a being of light
* Update and activate your DNA with high frequency quantum light codes to improve your condition and your whole life




The "Energy Healing & Coaching Package aims to realign your energy centers and to raise your frequency vibration to the next level. This package offers you a step by step guide to completely transform negative beliefs, blockages, old patterns, trauma, to free yourself from any limitation and to recognize your highest potential.

After the sessions are over, clients usually feel much better - calm, relaxed, refreshed, clearer, the intensity of your problem is often noticeably decreased or has completely disappeared, and you experience a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.



There are simply no limits to the miracles that are possible when we open ourselves to this path of healing!










"As soon as you get this

Urge to find out who you are, the whole universe helps you "



When you are ready to begin your inner healing, call me free of charge to find out more.

Holistic healing
Holistic Healing Sessions are a combination of modalities and therapies. They are clinical and spiritual services to clear, balance, reintegrate and realign the whole body.
Holistic advice, emotional release advice, communication, intuitive coaching and healing therapy.
Help to heal the past, present and future.

Other holistic services include:
Energetic house cleansing (office, store, flat)

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